Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4, 2009


Tuesday at 5:15.  Another busy day.  Did two miles at the MAC this morning, got home a little before ten, just ahead of the arrival of Dick and Cheryl Cain and their two daughters.   They are old Lansing friends who moved to Indiana.  We talked a while then went to lunch at Alladins.  Got home around three and did some lawn seeding with "patch seed".  Ron Shepered an old AA friend
dropped over to pick up the  audio tape I damaged to see if he can repair it and get it copied to a cd.  We talked about stuff until near 4:45 when I had to get prepared to get on my tube feeding.   When my days are this busy it is a wonder that I will have time to die,  when the time comes.  Only kidding.   I am feeling great today.  Just another agnostic facing death.  Did I mention the site I found.  www.livinginlightofdying.com/form.  A great secular site on death and dying.  Best I have come across.

I  had to start the tube feeding  early today because I have to be off feeding by 6 AM in preparation for the cataract surgery that I am going to have tomorrow.  With the clear vision I am supposed to have after the surgery I should be able to get a very detailed view of the early signs of an after life.  You might say I am getting clear-eyed for my ride to  heaven (if there is one). 

Kim and Frank  are on their way from the Detroit airport.  We are going to have a pizza dinner when they arrive.  So  by for now.



  1. I just finished cataract surgery. It did improve my vision tremendously (together with the new prescription for glasses). And the operations themselves (about three weeks apart) were short and not at all difficult.

    Best wishes.

  2. Good to see a post from you. I've got incipient cataracts too, but am not to where surgery is indicated (yet). I'm told it's pretty routine now.

    I notice the host of the site you suggested as commented on your post there, and there's a comment thread started.