Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hi: it is the big day and it is raining like hell. Good old fashioned midwest storms. It is raining on my parade. Oh well that is the way she goes. We have had a good visit so far. More people coming in today. Not sure what to expect. But it will be a good day because all of the kids will be here for the first time, with all of the grand kids. Five of mine with seven grand children. Michele and Joe are here also so only key West Steve is missing. Had a a great gathering last night and should have another one tonight. It is very up lifting to be around so much joy. Azaria our five month old grand daughter from Turner and Moya laughed and smiled all afternoon and evening. What a great addition to the family. The other grand kids played together as if they had known one another all their lives, truly a warming experience.

Well we are off to Potter Park and the party.


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  1. not sure what you had planned today but looks like the rain is going to pound away all day. enjoy anyway. we need the wet stuff so guess our human plans, as usual, take at least second place to nature.

    love and best.