Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Great weekend

Hi-It is Wednesday already. I had my left eye cataract removed today and I am still a little punching from the procedures.

The picnic and reunion was a success in spite of the rain. It cleared up about two in the afternoon and the sun came out. About 50 people were there, at least 50 people signed the book. Turner and Latte left of Sunday and Ethan and Quinn stayed with BJ and Tuk. Those two left of Monday to take Ethan and Quinn to Latte's place where they had dinner. From there BJ drove to Luddington where they were planning to take the ferry over to Wisconsin. They also plan to stop in Missoula for old times sake. Kim and Frank left early Tuesday morning. It was sad to see them all go. It was such a thrill to have all of the children and grandchildren here for a couple of days.

I was in too much of a funk yesterday to write and today I am a bit punchy from the surgery and a little high from the atomizer. So I will make it short. Serenity still escapes me by I am off the pity pot today. But still have a lot of personal work to do to achieve that level of total acceptance that has to come before serenity will follow.

My spiritual adviser (the Hospice Chaplain) is coming Thursday. I have to find some new stuff to discuss.

I am amazed at how improved my eyesight is with the cataracts removed. My current glasses are not very good, but I have discovered that I can use the middle lens of my trifocals to read with my right eye. The left is still dilated a bit so things are still foggy.

That is all for now. LOVe, Bob

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