Thursday, July 30, 2009

Last on here the 22nd, where do the days go.  With Marian's son Joe and his partner Michele here we seem to be busy as hell.  I also have not been on the net much because I have been having trouble with my wi-fi on my office computer.  It takes for ever to get on this site and to move around.  So I have transferred the bookmark to my upstairs computer which is on a direct line.  Wi-fi drives me crazy.

I am beginning to get signals from my stomach that the tumor is progressing.  I am not able to eat much so I depend on the tube feedings.   Today was my lowest intake of a half of a yogurt.

I only have a few more  minutes before I have to hook up to my feeder so I will say goodbye for the moment.  With this new arrangement I hope to get on line more and get into some meat concerning atheists dying.   The loss of my ability to eat has taken a bit of a toll on my serenity (that is if I had any).  It kind of puts me on the blue side of life.

bye for now



  1. We're hanging in with you, Bob. (And my wi-fi is the invention of the devil! :))

  2. I also agree, wi-fi tends to be obnoxious. I'll stick with the cord, if nothing else it's far faster.

    Much love and hugs, and tech support if you need it,